Manitoba Green Party

Don Woodstock

Green Party Candidate for Winnipeg Centre


Welcome Family, Friends and Neighbours,

It is my distinct pleasure to tell you that I am one of the candidates for the Green Party.  As most of you know, the environment has been one of my top priorities and it will continue to remain that way.  In this Century and the next, it’s time for us to TAKE ACTION to ensure that our children’s children have a more sustainable future.

Why the Green Party?  

We must focus on environmental policies that will generate practical outcomes.   You and I will make these decisions on a small & large scale.  Creating green jobs with a sustainable approach and ensuring that the environmental laws are abided by, is and will always be my continued mission and the Green Party speaks to this.

You can help.  Elect Green Party members to the Legislature and Parliament in the upcoming Federal and Provincial elections.

You can help.  Donate $10, $15, $20 or more to the Green Party today.  The candidates with more practical solutions will not have the financial support from Special Interest groups/individuals. Truthfully, that is probably the case most of the time.  Being able to get our message out to every household is a costly task if it is not done without the generousity of folks like you.

You can help.  When the Advance Polls open, Go Vote!   Get your voice in early.  On Election Day something can come up and that can hinder you from voting.  For each eligible vote not cast, is a vote for the current government.  Be heard!

You can help.  Volunteer on my campaign as my actions have demonstrated leadership capabilities, positive outcomes and a clear vision for a more sustainable community.   Your children and grandchildren’s futures depend on what YOU DO TODAY!  Help to deliver and install lawn signs, deliver flyers into mailboxes, assist in the office, be the official photographer, do research, data entry, and so many other areas too numerous to mention.

You can help.  Lastly but not least, do your due diligence and research your candidates in your area.  The Internet is a wonderful invention.  It gives you the power to see what they have done.  Get to know who they are.  Talk with them one-on-one.  My ACTIONS taken in the past is an indication what I WILL DO in the future.  Our community needs a person of action to care for the futures of your children and grandchildren.

My name is Don Woodstock.  In the past, I have STOOD UP for our children, our seniors, the weak, the vulnerable, the environment, the injustice, the economy, and will continue to do so.  Dedicated, hardworking, passionate individual with a strong desire to see improvement in the quality of life for all who live in our community.  ALWAYS ask “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE for your community, your neighbour, and the vulnerable?” Listen to their answers carefully – did they create it?  How well do they support other ideas?  If it is the elected official seeking re-election at your door, ask him/her which of their promises did they keep from their campaign platform from the previous election?  Then go investigate to see if they were honest with you.   

TODAY – change is imminent and needed.  Step aside from the norm, step aside from traditional voting.  Voting for a Party before the community-minded individual who has demonstrated action will get you only a benchwarmer representative concerned about their Pension with no interests in solving the needs of our community.  Welcome in the New!  Don Woodstock – integrity, honesty, forthright, will tell you like it is.  “I am your resident, neighbour, friend, advocate, and your best man for the job.”                                                       



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